Hi, we’re KINK.

We don’t build walls. We tear them down. We bring together what belongs together: kitchen and bar. In the middle of Berlin, high-end and laid back. Not only do we create a unique space where restaurant and bar see eye-to-eye, we unite culinary and cocktail art into one cohesive experience.

How do we do it? Together! Our team merges skill, creativity, and modern technology to innovate food, drink, and perfect pairings. We explore and are inspired by all of the world’s culinary riches to create something new and special—something we can call our own.

We like to surprise you, remind, inspire, and pamper you. Once in a while, we like to challenge you. KINK is a journey—evening after evening—one we’re embarking on alongside our guests, whom we consider to be our friends the moment we meet them.