Daily from 6pm

KINK pours one out.

This is how we do bar: Not only do we shake, stir, and flip, we also cook, infuse, ferment, and redistill. And we are crazy about tech. One of our favorite toys is the rotary evaporator: you can take a look at it in our lab, right next to the bar. With it we create our own homemade distillates for unique drinks and bespoke food pairings. Our little super-machine can even create water distillates for drinks with no alcohol, but lots of flavor. We make fine oils, essences, and other basics from herbs, spices, and various natural ingredients for our bar and kitchen. That’s how we create surprising and fascinating new aromas for your glass or plate.

And yes, we do offer Gin & Tonic, Old Fashioned, and all your other favorite drinks. Classic or with a twist—as you like it. Because hospitality is law. From connoisseurs to night owls: here, every guest embarks on their own culinary adventure. We invite you to explore new things, rediscover old flavors, or simply be in the moment.