Tue - Sat from 6 p.m.

KINK cooks.

Our cuisine is both fragrant and easygoing. We’re passionate about our region, so we cook seasonally and with locally sourced ingredients. Plant-based, with fish and fowl as special treats for those who crave them. Undogmatically, we select from among the most delicious sources worldwide to create exciting new dishes that know no limits. All that we like to pair with amazing European and New World wines—classic, biodynamic, red, white, rosé, and orange—or our own signature drinks that perfectly match our dishes.

We work in an open-plan kitchen. We like to show what we’re doing and talk about it with our guests. And our no-walls policy stands for more than just showmanship: guest chefs from around the world continue to reinvigorate our menu. “Travelling chefs and bartenders” make stops at our restaurant, while our own people go off to get inspired in the kitchens and bars of our friends’ restaurants. That’s how we travel well off the beaten path so we can keep surprising our guests.

2021 Awarded 'Berliner Szenerestaurant' by Berliner Meisterköche
2020 Awarded 'Newcomer' by Berliner Meisterköche

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